Best Knives For Cutting Meat


Are you trying to find the best type of knife for cutting meat? A knife is for the chef as the scalpel for the surgeon, the scissors for the hairdresser, or the camera for the photographer. You must choose one according to your needs and expectations.

You need the best kitchen knife that will become your perfect ally as you prepare your best recipes. You must consider several details, especially the use of it.



<p>style=”font-size:12px”Cutting thin slices of salmon is not the same as peeling your vegetables or cutting slices of bread. Each food needs a certain cut that the right type of knife blade, with the right length and shape, can ensure. In addition, the kitchen knife you choose must have a good resistance so it doesn’t wear out too soon.

·         Chef: Having an alveolus, it helps prevent food from sticking to the blade.

·         Paring knives: They normally have blades that taper towards the tip. You can use these carry out from the simplest to the most complicated jobs.

·         Parrot beak: It’s a model with a sharp point, to peel round objects for decoration.

·         Lace knife: It is a small, light and manageable knife with a very sharp point.

·         Peeler: This kitchen utensil has a straight cut blade with a sole purpose is to peel.

·         Cutter tip: You can use it to make precise cuts on any type of meat.

·         Pearly: You can use it to remove crusts and skins while keeping a soft and juicy interior.

·         Forged tip: For cutting meat into clean, even slices. Don’t confuse it with carving knives that have a thin blade intended for slicing. Using it to chop can damage the knife.

·         Boning knives: Use these to separate the meat from the bone or bones in meat and fish.

·         Forged boner: Use this one for boning all types of ribs, cutting bone and cartilage.

·         Injected stoner: It’s specifically great for cutting close to the bone.

·         Stoner: Use it to remove meat from the bone and for jobs that require close cutting.

·         Carving knives: It’s a thin knife with narrow blade and fine edge, used to carve all kinds of meats.

·         Chef knives: It has a wide blade to apply weight and force, usually 150mm, 200mm, or 300mm. Use it for cutting and chopping.

·         Santoku knives: It is the very sharp, broad-bladed Asian kitchen multi-tool. It has three main uses: cut meat, fish and vegetables.

·         Ham knife: It has a long, thin and flexible blade with a fine edge. It’s a special for cutting ham. It is a kitchen utensil that requires technique and practice to use.

·         Butcher or cleaver knives: With a stable and wide blade, rectangular in shape, it’s suitable for chopping large pieces of meat, poultry bones and chops.

·         Salmon knife: With a long and flexible blade, you can use it to cut and serve very thin slices of salmon.

·         Sole knife: it has long, flexible blade with a smooth and strong edge. It fillets sole and easily separates it from the bone.

Below are some of the factors that we need to keep in mind when buying the best knife for cutting meat:




Here’s all you need to know about knives before you go on a shopping spree


It’s the first factor to consider since it will greatly determine the efficiency and life of the knife. Blades for meat cutting can have stainless steel or ceramic. In any case, you will have to look for one that allows a good cut and is safe.

 The material of your knife’s blade also determines its hardness. A knife that is too hard is extremely difficult to sharpen. Nonetheless, it gives you excellent sharpness and edge retention, using a precise amalgam of strengthening materials combined with naturally malleable iron.




 The drop-point is one of the most popular blade forms, with a convex spine that folds down from the handle to the point. This results in a tip that is easier to control and a larger belly for slicing. Drop points are ideal for hunters and can be used for a variety of purposes.




 Small sizes can be ideal for smaller cuts of meat, such as poultry or chops. In contrast, larger sizes can ensure perfect cuts of bigger meat, such as deer. The smaller blades are also useful for maneuvering around bone, while the larger knives are excellent for skinning in one long swipe. Smaller knives are more portable than larger knives, making them ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting or camping. Home chefs prefer knives that are eight to ten inches long, whereas professional chefs prefer larger ones.



best knives for cutting meat


 A dull blade requires more force to cut, increasing the risk of the knife slipping when you have to use a lot of force. A sharp knife is more likely to “bite” the surface. Using sharp blades to cut meat ensures that you don’t need to apply extra pressure when you encounter bones while cutting.




There’s no way to know what weight to choose when it comes to the perfect knife. Some people prefer to work with a lightweight

knife, while others prefer to master the use of heavier ones. You can either try both types or stick to the bright ones if you want to be cautious. At the end of the day, it’s all about what makes cooking easier for you.

best knives for cutting meat


 Another component that determines how easy it is to work with a knife is balance. Chopping will be difficult if the weight of the knife falls too far to one side or the other. High-quality knives are usually well-balanced, with little weight on the handle or blades. To understand it correctly, it is necessary that the center of gravity of the knife is in the center of it. This will allow you to cut in a stable way without accidents and mishaps. A well-balanced knife aids a smooth cutting movement. It may be difficult to know if the knife has the ideal balance without picking up and holding the knife. In that case, you can look through the reviews to see what others have to say.


 Your knife’s blade may have a serratedor smooth edge. Within the world of knives, we also find differences if we analyze what their blades are like and how they relate to the products. That is why we count those that cut using a smooth edge, and those that do so with a serrated edge.

Knives with a smooth edge have a better pressure cut. These adapt well to peeling, carving or skinning, since this usually requires great control. Smooth-edged knives have a better focal point,allowing you to make perfect and precise cuts compared to the other types.

 Knives with jagged edges are more compatible for hard surfaces. More than cutting, they’re useful for tearing the parts that are difficult to access. It’s a good option to fight with frozen products or surfaces that are difficult to cut through. 

Today, we will present to you what we consider to be the best knifes for cutting meat on the market after extensively using the top brands ourselves. As always, this list is subjective and surely there will be someone who loves some other knife that they want to share with us. After using several different brands, we are listing some of the best brands we came across:


This is a beast – picking up this knife suddenly makes you feel stronger. The ergonomic solid wood handle of this heavy-duty meat cleaver packs sturdy stainless steel with full tang design. This butcher cleaver is suitable for cutting meat and bones in both professional and household kitchens.


·         The sharp edge of this knife makes it an ideal knife for cutting meat bones.

·         A hole in the upper corner of this heavy-duty knife allows you to effortlessly hang a hook or peg.

·         It’s super friendly to the dishwasher as well.

·         You can easily wash this meat-cutting cleaver knife in the dishwasher or by hand.

·         In terms of dimensions, this kitchen cleaver handle is 6 inches long, and the blade is 8 inches long.

·         It weighs about 1.9 pounds.


 Dishwasher Friendly: It’s easy to clean and wash this knife by hand or by placing it in the dishwasher.

Easy Storage: This heavy-duty knife has a hole at the top corner to easily hang it from a hook or peg.

 Sharp: With an ideal sharpness of this cleaver, you can run it through chicken bones like butter.


Heavy: The knife is not lightweight. Obviously, for people who are not good at handling heavy things, using this knife is going to be a arduous task.

Big in size: Handling small knives is easier than handling big knives. However, maintaining the knife’s balance here is something that needs practice.



Our experience with this knife was nothing short of amazing. Besides it being heavy and hard to handle, what amazed us the most was its ability to cut meat and chicken bones like you’re slicing mangoes. The box it comes in practical for storing it in a drawer or pack bag. This item is a great beef cleaver.

 Overall, it offers a great value for money. It’s super sharp, which is great, but it also poses a hazard risk if you don’t use the right technique. Using it wrong can feel like it isn’t cutting. Overall, we highly recommend it!


This heavy-duty butcher knife is a work of art when it comes to stainless steel knives. The 7-inch cleaver knife is ideal for bone cutting, chopping, and cleaving huge chunks of food with ease. It is silver in color with plain edges. 

best knives for cutting meat


·         It’s 7 inches in length.

·         The top-quality stainless-steel blade keeps an ultra-sharp edge for durable and superior cutting performance.

·         The ABS+430 handle allows an easy grip and movement.

·         The design of this cleaver sits well specifically for the demanding daily needs of a commercial kitchen.

·         In terms of cleaning, it’s ideal for dishwasher cleaning.

·         We recommend hand-cleaning to maintain the fine condition of this excellent blade.


·        Sustainable Product: Stainless steel is recyclable.

·        Sharp Blade Cuts: The sharp edges make it easy to get precise cuts.

·    Durability: Stainless steel cleaver is sturdy and built to last for a long time.

Ergonomic design: The ergonomic design of this knife never tries your hand, featuring an easy to grip handle


·    Specific Use: While this masterpiece is great for cutting meat, it’s not suitable for cutting everything. Also, it needs some getting used to, which requires some initial practice.


Our encounter with this knife was awesome. We were pretty much impressed by its decent weight and sharp blade. It’s a breeze to cut bones with this knife. The handle was also ergonomic, which shows that the brand has put in some effort to focus on the details. However, we experienced that it doesn’t last long. The plastic on the bottom of the handle broke after only a few weeks of use. Turns out the handle wasn’t made entirely of metal. Yes, the black bit you see is all plastic, and it’s flimsy! 


 The Befen Frozen Food Slicer takes care of one of the most time-consuming ordeals in food preparation. It aids in the preparation of frozen meats, such as beef, lamb, chicken, ham, and fish for a variety of dishes. It’s ideal to use for hotpot, stir fry, beef brisket, sukiyaki, Korean BBQ, sandwiches, pizza toppings, and jerky for snacks.



·        This product is made from 1.5mm thick stainless-steel board, which is twice as thick as other similar slicers on the market.

·         When you maintain it properly, this high-quality stainless steel can withstand more pressure.

·         It is easy to clean, and you can even use it for a long time.

·         This frozen meat slicer comes with a separate meat holder.

·         It has two blades (one installed), ten meat bags, two suction cups, an Allen wrench, and an instruction booklet.

·         Here are some of its specifications: The dimensions of this product are 18.1″ x 6.3″ x 4.7″. The blade is 7.9″ long, and it weighs 2.3kg.

·         You can change the thickness of the meat slice from 0.2mm to 20mm. It’s best to slice the meat thinly since the thinner it is, the easier it is to get a clean cut.


·      Adjustable: The thickness of the slices can be adjusted by screwing in or out the adjustment screws on each end of the blade arm.

·    Easy to clean: This device is simple to operate and easy to clean. The blade is incredibly sharp, so be sure to proceed with caution.


 ·   Sharp Blade: The basic metal is dangerously thin. The base of our knife bent while cutting frozen meat. When we used it, our hands slipped, and we nearly got a cut. 




 his item is a must-have for professionals. It effortlessly slices meat to an ideal thickness, which would be impossible to achieve with a standard knife. It’s also simple to set up and clean. We can’t wait to review it for other purposes, such as vegetables, steaks and barbeque. Some users report a suction cup malfunction. Nonetheless, their customer service is excellent. They provided four suction cups for free and asked the user to test them. However, its razor-sharp blade of it makes it a little tricky to handle. Overall, this was a fantastic deal for us.




A soft leather sheath comes free with the cleaver knife. It can effectively guard the blade and can be worn on a belt for easy transport when camping outside. It’s a wonderful gift for your loves, parents, or friends who enjoy cooking. All thanks to the sleek leather sheath and attractive box.



·         The strong chef knife offers an exceptional quality 5Cr15Mov high carbon steel with a 58 HRC hardness.

·         It performs better than regular stainless steel in terms of maintaining sharp edges.

·         To avoid rust, please keep the knife clean and dry after use due to the high carbon content.

·         The curved form of the red sandalwood handle makes it easy to hold and provides slip resistance.

·         This meat cleaver measures 6.3 inches in length and passes as a multi-function kitchen tool.

·         Butchering, fishing, hunting, camping, survival, and outdoor BBQ activities are all easy with this sharp knife.

·         It’s ideal for many kitchen activities, such as mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, deboning lamb and steak.

         You can cut anything like a pie with this butcher knife. It is undoubtedly your practical assistant, whether you are indoors or outdoors.


 Multipurpose: Butchering, fishing, hunting, camping, survival, and outdoor BBQ activities are all easy with this sharp knife.

   Decent size: It has a good size with a hefty weight and a thick blade.


  Requires extra care:  It isn’t stainless. Don’t put it in the dishwasher or   air dry it. Rust should never be an issue if you wash it, dry it, and lightly cover it with food-grade mineral oil.

 Heavy: Due to its hefty weight, it can be a trouble for some people.



For chopping meats, we highly recommend this knife. Slices through bone in a single cut. It has a good weight, which is an advantage for some and a blessing in disguise for others. Make sure a stray finger doesn’t get in the way. It’s quite nimble. The knife is a little thick to cut vegetables. However, it still works perfectly for both. For many people, it’s just a matter of personal taste. Again, this knife comes highly recommended from us.



This Chinese cleaver is an ideal heavy-duty item for mincing, chopping, and slicing at your kitchen or a professional setting.



·         It has anti-slip technology and more comfortable to grasp.

·         The rosewood handle is biomechanical, featuring an excellent polish.

·         It has its own steel to ensure that each knife is of the highest quality and standard from the start.

·         You can flap garlic cloves and transfer food to pans with this multifunctional wide blade.

·         Meat does not stick to the blade because of the laser-shiny surface.


Light in weight: This knife is suited for both men and women. It is slightly lighter and smaller than a standard cleaver, weighing roughly 8.5 ounces. For women, this weight and size is reasonable, but for men, it may be lighter. If you want a little cleaver as well as a slicer, this is the knife for you.

Very sharp: When we initially got it, it was incredibly sharp. However, the steel isn’t that firm after consistent use. Nonetheless, it was simple to hone the blade with a knife steel.


        Thin blade Edge: You can use it to cut and slice meat, vegetables, and fish. However, because the blade edge is quite narrow and sharp for quick slicing, it is not appropriate for chopping bone. This knife may be worth considering if you require a knife for both slicing and cutting small bones in poultry.


Knife is light in weight and really sharp! Therefore, you must pay close attention when chopping. For chefs, this is a must-have item! In the future, we will review more products from the same brand. Overall, it offers everything that you would expect from professional grade, heavy duty, all-rounder knife.


For a start, you should know that this beautiful knife is forged by hand using high manganese and high carbon steel. Since our boning knives don’t use stainless steel, you’ll need to keep them clean, making sure you dry them after each use to avoid rust. 



 ·  Multi-functional knife: This Boning knife can effortlessly handle chopping, slicing, mincing, and dicing fruits, and vegetables. It also works perfectly with every type of meat, such as fish, kitchen, and beef in your regular culinary activities.


·    A practical tool: This cleaver knife comes with a comfortable leather sheath for portability. It can preserve the blade well and can be worn on a belt for simple carrying when camping outside. This device is excellent for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and party barbecues to carry the knife. It also comes with a black gift box, making it a unique gift for whomever you care about!


  Flawed bottle opener: You simply can’t get it under the bottle cop. Trust me, we’re tried even that.


It’s a beautiful knife with a good amount of weight to it. It features top-of-the-line carbon steel and a sharp edge to start with. However, if you don’t dry and oil it, it will rust. Make sure to rub it with a knife or cooking oil every now and then. If you’re searching for a low-maintenance option, stainless steel is the way to go. Carbon steel retains its edge longer than stainless steel, requiring less honing. Overall, it appears to be well-made and cuts nicely.


This knife exceeds ordinary stainless steel kitchen knives in terms of retaining a sharp and durable blade edge. To avoid rust, you must hand-wash it after each use and keep it clean and dry.


·         The hardness of the butcher knife, which comes with high-quality carbon steel, is up to 58 HRC.

·         The 16° V-shaped meat cleaver blade edge reduces cutting resistance, allowing you to chop through food as if it were butter.

·         The hanging holes on the blade top and handle allow you to hang the vegetable cleaver on the wall.

·         The blade’s unique hammered texture makes it attractive and anti-sticky. With all this, it is also quite easy to clean and maintain.




Risk-free: It is an excellent culinary item to add to your kitchen. The quality is immensely satisfying


Extra care: Avoid chopping frozen food, huge bones, or open tins with the sharp blade because this can damage the knife’s edge.


Personally, we would prefer it to be style=”text-align: justify;”>


This cleaver is an ideal heavy-duty item for mincing, chopping, and slicing at your kitchen or a professional setting.



·         This Winco heavy duty cleaver features a stainless-steel design that is highly corrosion resistant.

·         The handle comes in durable wood, so breaking won’t be something you need to worry about for a long time.

·         The handle is 5″ long, while the blade is 8″ long and 3.5″ wide.

·         It’s also dishwasher safe, making it an easy-to-use product.


 ·   Great value for money: You won’t need a $50 cleaver for small-scale cooking at home. With all the pandemic situation and closed restaurants, you can start cooking Chinese at home yourself!


· Quality: We would recommend that you use it for chicken only.


 Overall, this is a decent cleaver for your kitchen. We can’t promise outdoor performance as we didn’t try breaking leg bones, whacking zombies, or running it over with a car. On a serious note, we would say that the delicate item is best kept in the kitchen for light/medium duty. As long as you’re doing that, it gives you an excellent performance.

It has a beautiful large blade that retains an edge as good as most knives. It can break a log of frozen ground meat (after scoring it) with a rubber mallet.

The polish and quality of the wooden handle were our only gripes. It was rough and had a shoddy finish (or none). We also trying putting it in the dishwasher, which didn’t help. We expect it will be much better after sanding and sealing with a drying oil.


 This product is hand-polished by skilled craftsmen, and the edge is sharp and long-lasting. 


 · Light: We simply love this about the knife. We didn’t think that such an affordable knife would be so good. It stays sharp long enough. 


Difficult handling: As the knife is very sharp, you need to be extra careful while handling it


This cleaver is especially imported from Thailand. It’s a practical, authentic Kom-Kom knife, ideal for huge banquets and special occasions.


·         The mini cleaver works great for cutting cheese and opening wine bottles.

·         It features high-quality stainless steel for making the blade, which undergoes a special hardening process.

The double-riveted and well-balanced wooden handle also gives you an ergonomic grip


·   Built Quality: The blade’s metal shaft only goes half-way into the wooden handle. However, it extends the entire width of the handle, and the rivets are secure in place.


·         Way to small: It turned out unexpectedly small, but very sharp. You can use it for chicken, fish, sausages, or maybe cheese servings.


It’s great for slicing cheese and sausage. The cleaver offers a well-made and sharp blade. When you don’t need the huge knife, this is an ideal alternative. 


 If you’re still deciding which one of the above is the best knife for cutting meat for you, we are listing our top picks in this section. After extensively using and testing a range of different brands, this is the list we’re settling with.

Our top picks from these were the one from Utopia kitchen, Juvale, and Freelander. These were the best one we came across during this review. All three knives are easy to handle and practical for meat cutting purposes. We analyzed every little detail of each one of them. Nonetheless, personal choice and preferences go a long way when choosing the best knife. Feel free to explore these and see which one is the best for you.


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