Best Mints For Breath Listerine Cool Mint Breath S...

Key Features

  • Complete oral care protection with probiotics.
  • Treats bad breath, halitosis, and tonsil stones.
  • Supports your body’s natural ability to fight at the root of the problem.
  • Safely removes and inhibits plaque buildup, prevents tartar formation.
  • Reduce the prevalence of oral pathogens that cause bad breath, gingivitis, and other dental problems.
  • Proactively supports oral health by nourishing enamel and shining teeth.
  • Comes with 120 capsules for a full-year supply.
  • Oral Complete contains probiotics for healthy digestion, so you can enjoy food without fear of halitosis.
  • Oral Complete is a probiotic supplement that utilizes the latest in oral care research to support the health of your mouth.
  • Oral Complete can help combat halitosis, bad breath, and offer relief for dry mouth.
  • It’s been shown to help with dental caries, cavities, and a variety of other oral conditions.
  • Oral Complete contains a 100% guarantee because it’s so confident you’ll love it.
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Product Description

Best Mints For Breath Listerine Cool Mint Breath Strips

Best Mints For Breath Listerine Do you suffer from bad breath, tonsil stones, or dental and periodontal disease? If so, Listerine’s Oral Complete has everything you need to banish these issues from your mouth. Our complete, all-in-one oral care solution has both a probiotic and an anti-bacterial agent for a healthy mouth. The capsules are easy to swallow and taste great!

LISTERINE® COOL MINT Original Antiseptic Mouthwash helps provide the protection you need to help prevent the germs that cause bad breath and other odors. It is safe for teeth, even if swallowed, and will not damage tooth enamel. It kills 99.9% of germs on contact, reduces plaque and promotes healthy gums, and freshens breath. LISTERINE® COOL MINT works in just.

Listerine is the most trusted oral care brand in the world, and we’re here to help you stay on top of your oral hygiene game. With Listerine, you can breathe and speak with confidence, knowing that your mouth is healthy. Our complete oral care system includes Listerine Cool Mint, Oral Complete Dental Probiotics, and Halitosis Removal Tonsil Stone.


  • Cleanses and reduces plaque in the mouth.
  • Reduces bad breath.
  • Comes in a 120 capsule bottle that lasts up to 2 months.
  • The new formula is better tasting.
  • Helps to freshen breath and remove odors caused by bacteria and plaque.
  • Contains 11 natural ingredients, including probiotics, enzymes, and prebiotics.
  • Includes zinc to help maintain a healthy mouth.
  • Oral Complete is an oral probiotic that delivers a powerful punch, eliminating bad breath.
  • Dental Probiotic is an oral probiotic that heals periodontal disease and other mouth diseases, without drugs.
  • Bad Breath Treatment Halitosis Tonsil Stone Removal treats all bad breath symptoms, including tonsil stones.



  • It’s not vegan.


Overall Experience – Best Mints For Breath Listerine Cool Mint Breath Strips 

Listerine oral care products are designed to kill 99% of bad breath germs and keep you feeling fresh. We offer a range of oral care products for a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums – from gels to toothpaste, mouthwash, and more.

Listerine Cool Mint Oral Complete is a complete oral care solution that helps to combat bad breath, heal gums, and remove tonsil stones. Listerine is the number-one doctor-recommended brand of mouthwash and oral care products.

Listerine is your complete oral care solution. Our oral probiotics and halitosis treatment offer relief for your body. This is an all-in-one oral care product that will help you feel confident about your breath, smile, and canker sore prevention.

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