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Nail & Cuticle Care by CND is designed to make nails healthy, strong, and beautiful. The product is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E for healthier nails. This care system provides regenerative care for dry, damaged cuticles.

The product includes a cuticle cream, cuticle remover, nail file and a moisturizer. It also includes a nail brush for massage around the nail. Nail & Cuticle Care by CND provides a variety of products for all of your needs when it comes to your nails.

With this one stop shop for nails, you can use it daily to keep your nails looking fresh and feeling healthy. Give your hands some love with CND’s new line of products! I will be the envy of all my friends

Dry, damaged cuticles are a major problem for all nail biters, people with dry skin or those who prefer long toe nails. Your cuticles may be rough, cracked, and flaky or may bleed. However, it’s never too late to reduce their appearance.

SolarOil is an advanced formula of care that will leave you with more healthy looking nails and cuticles in no time at all. This formula is designed to seal-in moisture with jojoba oil and vitamin E.

This solution is perfect for those who want healthier looking nails and cuticles without having to moisturize their skin and nails every day. The oils will penetrate while sealing in moisture which will dramatically improve the appearance of your nails.

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Looking for healthy cuticles? An intensive treatment for dry, chapped, and damaged nails? Nail & Cuticle Care by CND is the ultimate solution that cares for manicured hands. It is infused with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E to nourish cuticles with lasting protection.

The clinical-strength formula penetrates deep into the nail bed and cuticles to provide lasting relief. Nail & Cuticle Care by CND is a must-have! It’s non-greasy, non-scented, and has a long shelf life. Plus it’s perfect for everyone including diabetics!

Don’t get your nails cracked and unhealthy looking again! Get healthy cuticles today with Nail & Cuticle Care by CND – it’s something

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