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Product Description

Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner, For Coarse Dry Hair for dry hair to moisturize your hair as perfect.

This moisturizing conditioner helps reduce frizz, tangles, and static for sleek, manageable hair.

Tea Tree Moisturizing Conditioner does an amazing job in transforming your unruly hair into silky strands with a natural fragrance.

This product’s main function is to give your dry and damaged hair the moisture it needs to get healthy again.

Treat yourself to a bottle of Tea Tree Moisturizing Conditioner — you deserve it!

Wet hair, apply Tea Tree Conditioner, rinse.

Tea Tree conditioner replenishes natural oil and leaves hair silky-soft, shiny and tangle-free for beautifully healthy-looking locks.

With Briogeo’s natural botanical blends you will experience the benefits of a healthy scalp and the nourishment of strong, soft and beautiful locks.

Find out more about our Conditioner.

Get hydrated and fresh with our Conditioner.

Moisturize your hair, give it a nice shine, and eliminate frizz and flyaways. And if you’re looking for a perfect, finishing touch, our hydrating conditioner will be your new best friend.

Wrinkle-free and smooth hair is the perfect way to start any morning. Let our  moisturize your hair and make it silky soft.

dd this to your routine for a refreshing change and better-looking hair.

Everyone loves beautiful, healthy-looking hair. The Conditioner from Nature’s Gate is the perfect product to make sure your hair looks as good as it feels.

Natural, vegan and environmentally-friendly, this conditioner is formulated to give your hair the nutrition it needs to be full of life and vitality. Packaged in a one liter bottle with easy-to-use pump, this conditioner is perfect for busy people who want their hair to look as good as it feels.

This shampoo & conditioner set is not just for people with dandruff or dry scalp; make sure you’re not hurting your scalp by using this natural shampoo & conditioner together.

Grab a bottle of Tea Tree Moisturizing Conditioner today and start looking like



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