Vera Wang Princess Spray, Eau De Toilette

Key features

  • A fruity, floral fragrance that will be perfect for the warmer months.
  • The sweet and delectable heart notes are reminiscent of a decadent chocolate cake.
  • This fragrance is perfect for those with a sophisticated taste, or who crave something different from the traditional clean linen/fresh cotton scents.
  • A magical and mystical fragrance is what Princess is all about.
  • Delivers the perfect amount of freshness with the perfect balance of citrus and herbal notes, cedarwood and lavender
  • Damp skin leaves a better first impression than dry skin. The fragrance will stay on your skin for hours longer, and smell stronger when you wear it on moisturized body.
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Product Description


Vera Wang Princess Spray, Eau De Toilette

Wash away the day with a refreshing mist of Princess. It was created for the woman who is young at heart and loves to indulge in her dreams. She may be a princess in disguise or maybe she’s from another world, but she’s definitely not from your garden variety kingdom. Your signature floral fragrance shouldn’t be predictable. We’re talking about a scent that feels like you, is seductive, and will make you feel absolutely princess-worthy. Introducing, Vera Wang Princess Spray. This beautiful and elegant scent was inspired by the iconic princess bride, herself, who has devoted her life to empowering young women.


  • RICH WITH VANILLA is a decadent, creamy floral fragrance with a hint of vanilla
  • EXOTIC FLOWERS is a fresh, bright floral that evokes images of sun-kissed flowers in a tropical garden
    With a fruity floral scent, Vera Wang Princess is sure to please both women and men.
  • A feminine, modern and sophisticated woman with many free-spirited characteristics
    Magical, whimsical, with a youthful spirit that is never old.
  • A refreshing, green fragrance for women perfect for those who love a light yet vivid scent.
  • The cleanest, most sophisticated scent you’ll ever find this perfume
    So you know your fragrance will last long and smell great, apply it right out of the shower.
  • Pores are open after showering so they can easily absorb the fragrance.
  • Shake the bottle before spraying to mix the ingredients and maximize intensity of fragrance.


  • This is very light and fades very quickly

Overall Experience -Vera Wang Princess Spray

Princess of Vera Wang is a soft, vanilla, little sweetness, musk smell. This is a piece of Heaven OMG what a lovely smell. Don’t hesitate to buy this perfume. The smell is soft and beautiful. Long-lasting too Does not disappoint.


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