VEVOR 14” Commercial Pizza Oven Countertop,1...

Key features

  • The greatest way to toast bread is in the oven. The heat and moisture created by cooking brings out a better flavor than just
  • boiling it on top of stovetop burners or under Direct Heat grills, which can leave your mouth feeling dry after eating several slices
  • This oven is made of the stainless steel material, which makes it resistant to corrosion and wear.
  • With the machine’s time knob, you can adjust your meal for 60 minutes of delicious food.
  • With a large capacity, this oven can cook up to 14″ pizzas with ease.
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Product Description

VEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven

VEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven You deserve the best of the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this VEVOR pizza oven. Made from durable stainless steel, this oven is built to last – perfect for your home or commercial kitchen. Plus, it features precise temperature control and an adjustable time frame, ensuring your food comes out just the way you want it. So don’t wait any longer 14” Commercial Pizza Oven! This top-quality oven features an observation window so you can watch your food cooking as well as heat emission holes to help dissipate heat evenly. The oven also has a sturdy handle made from high-temperature ABS plastic and non-slip feet to keep it in place. With VEVOR’s 14” Commercial Pizza Oven, you can cook up crispy, delicious pizzas in minutes – without ever having to leave your home! This oven is easy to operate with two separate knobs that control the temperature independently; just set it to your desired time and temperature, and you’re good to go. Plus, the stylish stainless steel design will look great on any countertop


  • VEVOR Commercial Pizza Oven best way to cook in a hot kitchen is with an overhead convection oven. In fact, some research states that it takes only 10 minutes for your food’s temperature reached its optimal cooking point when using this type of stovetop!
  • Easy to use, to manage the temperature Built in pizza stone makes for a perfectly crispy crust
  • stylish look easy to clean and maintain.
  • The two separate knobs allow you to easily control the temperature with just one touch of a button, which is great if your hands get tired from constantly touching or holding onto things.
  • Adjustable temperature ranges from 122℉ to 662℉
  • The glass window and inner illumination keep your food visible during the cooking process, so you can always know what’s happening with it.


The temp control knobs are in celsius not Fahrenheit

Overall Experience

We love this little oven for making pizza. We wanted something that gets up to 600+ degrees, and this does it on your countertop! You can make perfect pies with the dual controls – just dial in what type of crust you prefer; whether its soft or crispy edges are easy to notch.. everything about being able t0 cook food more accurately than before has made cooking fun again and let’s not forget how great looking meal looks when done. Our favorite use though Having two different heat sources mean even baking dishes get cooked quickly while still getting nice crispiness around contours

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